Other Cargo

LNG • Legacy • Renewable Energy

The Port of Lake Charles excels as a versatile hub, capable of accommodating an extensive array of cargo beyond the scope of breakbulk shipments. Experience firsthand the pivotal roles the Port fulfills within various industries and the profound influence its wields in both local and global communities.

The Port wholeheartedly understands that every cargo possesses unique characteristics and requisites. The adept Lake Charles team is well-equipped to navigate the intricacies inherent in diverse cargos to ensure their seamless, efficient and punctual passage. 

Be it bolstering energy sectors, nurturing local legacies or advancing renewable energy, the Port is resolute in delivering tailored solutions for every cargo archetype.

LNG Cargo

The Port of Lake Charles’ influence reverberates far and wide. Decade of support of and service to the local petrochemical complex and, more recently, national wind-power installations, speaks volumes. These vital materials, combined with top-tier leased properties for liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, have earned the Port and the Calcasieu Ship Channel the nickname of “America’s Energy Corridor.” That’s for good reason. The Port grasps the integral role energy plays in modern society and has meticulously crafted the facilities to efficiently and expertly handle these materials.

Lumber arrives at City Docks in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Legacy Cargo

For generations, the Port of Lake Charles has stood as a custodian of local legacies like rice and lumber. These “legacy cargoes” are threads woven deeply into our region’s fabric. The Port  takes immense pride in facilitating their continued relevance in today’s dynamic global trade landscape. What was once a local trade has evolved to flow in both directions. This transformation is evident in heartwarming stories of local rice reaching Africa to aid those in need. The Port’s recent achievement of hosting its largest-ever international lumber ship is a testament to its prowess in managing even the most formidable cargoes.

Cargo ship on Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana

Renewable Energy Cargo

The future unfurls in shades of green, and the Port of Lake Charles stands at the forefront of powering it. Wind power’s ascendancy in recent years aligns seamlessly with Port values. The Port has  proudly facilitated the movement of blades and tower components to mid-America for assembly into power-generating windmills. These colossal components traversing the port epitomized progress, sustainability and  commitment to a cleaner future.

Lumber arrives at City Docks in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Dry Bulk Cargo

Dry bulk cargo constitutes a significant portion of the diverse cargo handled at the Port of Lake Charles. This category includes commodities such as dry cement, grains, ores, fertilizers, and minerals. The port’s strategic location and extensive infrastructure make it a preferred hub for the efficient handling and transportation of dry bulk goods.

With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the port ensures seamless operations, from storage to loading and unloading, meeting the demands of various industries. Whether it’s facilitating the export of agricultural products or supporting the construction sector with the transportation of bulk materials, the Port of Lake Charles plays a pivotal role in the regional and global supply chain for dry bulk cargo.

Cargo ship on Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana