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Reliable shipping with proven historical performance

Breakbulk Cargo

At the Port of Lake Charles, we pride ourselves on being a hub of maritime excellence, providing unmatched services and facilities for handling breakbulk cargo.

Breakbulk cargo refers to those substantial and often hefty items that don’t fit within the confines of standard shipping containers or traditional packaging. It’s the raw power plant reactor, the colossal industrial machinery, or the massive wind turbine blade — items that are as unique as they are essential. Breakbulk cargo presents distinct challenges in transportation and handling, and that’s where the Port of Lake Charles shines.

Unmatched Capacity and Facilities

Our port is your gateway to the extraordinary. With sprawling facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure, the Port of Lake Charles has been strategically designed to accommodate the most substantial and complex breakbulk cargo. Boasting a dependable deepwater access, we are fully equipped to receive even the largest vessels with ease. This accessibility, coupled with shore power options, ensures that your cargo remains secure and in prime condition throughout its time at our port.

Business opportunities at the Port of Lake Charles in Louisiana
Overhead shot of the Port of Lake Charles in the Gulf of Mexico

Seamless Connectivity

We understand that connectivity is key in the world of trade and transportation. That’s why the Port of Lake Charles offers on-site rail service to provide a seamless transition for your breakbulk cargo from ship to land transportation. Additionally, our multi-lane access to nearby interstate highways ensures that your cargo can swiftly reach its final destination, whether it’s within the region or across the nation.

Your Trusted Choice for Breakbulk Cargo

Ranked as the 10th-busiest deepwater port in the nation based on tonnage, the Port of Lake Charles has earned its reputation as a dependable and efficient partner for breakbulk cargo handling. Our dedication to excellence, combined with decades of experience, positions us as a trusted choice for businesses across industries.

When it comes to breakbulk cargo, experience matters. Our team’s expertise, coupled with our world-class facilities, ensures that your cargo is in the best hands from the moment it arrives at our port until it reaches its destination. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction, the Port of Lake Charles is your partner for success in the world of breakbulk cargo.

Breakbulk service at City Docks.
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