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Lake Charles, LA 70601
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Reliable shipping with proven historical performance

Cargo Statistics &
Financial Reports

The Port of Lake Charles is nationally recognized for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which is presented by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada. It honors government units and public employee retirement systems whose comprehensive annual financial reports achieve “the highest standards in government accounting and financial reporting.”

This prestigious award requires that organizations supplement their financial reports with data and research to provide a wider scope of information than what is contained in an annual financial report.

Shipping News — Growth — Milestones

Lumber cargo at the Port of Lake Charles
Lumber’s Legacy and Future at the Port of Lake Charles
The Port of Lake Charles boasts a rich history intertwined with the evolution of global trade. Lumber has stood as a cornerstone cargo, symbolizing the enduring legacy of maritime commerce in this historic port city. A recent report by the American Journal of Transportation (AJOT) underscored the significant strides made[…]
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News banner photo featuring the Port of Lake Charles with a casino in the background
What the Port of Lake Charles’ Top 10 Ranking Means
The Port of Lake Charles now ranks among the top 10 busiest ports in the United States, a significant achievement. This ranking, determined by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is based on the 2022 cargo tonnage data, reflecting the latest available figures for national comparison. Understanding the Top 10[…]
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Port of Lake Charles cracks nation’s top 10 for cargo
Port of Lake Charles cracks nation’s top 10 for cargo
Major gains in cargo have made the Port of Lake Charles one of the top 10 busiest ports in the nation. The new ranking is by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers waterborne commerce statistics for 2022. Here is the latest top-10 list: 1.     Houston 2.     South Louisiana 3.     Corpus Christi 4.     New York/New Jersey[…]
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Passage to the Sea:
The Port’s Rich History

It was the late 19th Century in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a prosperous waterside oasis amid what was once a no-man’s land. The lumber business was booming. Agriculture was thriving. Commerce was moving on the waterways.

The fledgling city’s business and community leaders petitioned the U.S. War Department for a deeper channel to better move traffic on the Calcasieu River.

The pleas went unheeded, but others were already taking notice

1920s workers at the Port of Lake Charles - black and white historical image

Speakers Bureau

The Port of Lake Charles is pleased to accept invitations whenever possible to address groups and gatherings about its role as a longtime anchor of the Southwest Louisiana economy. If you’re interested in scheduling a speaker, call Bernadette Courville at 337-493-3567.

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