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Port Rail • Major Railroads

The Port of Lake Charles, nestled along the Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana, is a vital hub for trade and commerce in the Gulf Coast region. While the port’s maritime infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods by sea, its strategic integration with railroads further enhances connectivity and efficiency. The presence of railroads at the Port of Lake Charles plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth transportation of cargo, supporting regional economic growth, and positioning the port as a key logistical gateway.

Port Rail

Port Rail, Inc., is a short-line railroad that operates in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Established in 2014, Port Rail manages 11 miles of track stretching from its western terminus at the Port of Lake Charles City Docks to the Chennault area east of Lake Charles where it connects with major rail carriers. The primary purpose of Port Rail is to transport grains and various cargoes to the Port for outbound shipping. To efficiently move cargo trains to and from the Port of Lake Charles, Port Rail utilizes two GATX locomotives.

Major Railroads

The Port of Lake Charles is served by two major railroads, Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS), both of which have tracks near the port. These railroads provide crucial connectivity for the transportation of goods to and from the port.

Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

The Union Pacific Railroad operates a mainline that runs near the Port of Lake Charles. UP connects the port to a vast network of rail routes extending across the United States and reaching major industrial centers, distribution hubs and intermodal facilities. Union Pacific offers reliable and efficient rail services for various types of cargo, including containerized goods, bulk commodities and hazardous materials.

Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS)

The Kansas City Southern Railway also serves the Port of Lake Charles providing an additional rail connection for businesses in the region. KCS operates a north-south rail corridor linking the port to major cities in the Midwest, including Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago. Kansas City Southern’s rail services support the transportation of various commodities, such as chemicals, petroleum, agricultural products and automotive goods

Cargo ship on Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana