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G2X Energy Receives Air Permits to Construct Gas to Gasoline Facility on Port Property

G2X Energy Receives Air Quality Permits for Construction and Operation of its Big Lake Fuels Natural Gas to Gasoline Facility in Louisiana

G2X Energy, Inc. announced on June 5 that the State of Louisiana and the Federal EPA have granted its wholly-owned subsidiary, Big Lake Fuels LLC, the required air permits to construct and operate a natural gas-to-gasoline facility on Port of Lake Charles property. The permits, issued by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality on May 23, are the first permits to allow for the construction and operation of a commercial scale plant to convert natural gas into liquid transportation fuels. The project will convert domestic natural gas into approximately 12,500 barrels per day of zero sulfur, RBOB gasoline and/or commercial grade methanol.

“We are tremendously excited to announce this critical milestone in the development of the first commercial scale natural gas-to-gasoline facility in the United States”, said Tim Vail, President and CEO of G2X Energy, Inc. “The issuance of these permits will allow us to maintain our development schedule goals, and we are very fortunate to have the support of great partners like the LDEQ, the State of Louisiana, the Port of Lake Charles and the Lake Charles community at large.”

G2X will use commercially proven processes and the best available emission control technologies in both its methanol production and its methanol to gasoline conversion, which together comprise the industrial facility that will produce both marketable methanol and unleaded automotive gasoline, Mr. Vail explained.

Driven by an abundance of shale gas and resulting expansion of North American natural gas reserves, G2X is creating a platform to expand the role of natural gas in the existing chemicals and transportation fuels market. G2X’s natural gas-to- methanol plant in Pampa, Texas is currently under construction, and the development of the Big Lake Fuels plant in Lake Charles continues at a rapid pace. “This is an exciting time in the United States and Southwest Louisiana, and we are very proud to be a part of the new era of energy independence,” stated Mr. Vail while speaking at the Zeus Intelligence GTL Conference in Houston, Texas.

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